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My First Sunday as Pastor

I guess all pastors can remember their first Sunday at their first Church, but I doubt there are many who can say that their first Sunday was an Easter Sunday! I feel incredibly blessed to be able to begin my ministry at Antioch West on such a special day. I’m finding that my mind is shifting between several different kinds of thoughts as I prepare for the day. Most of my thoughts are of how exciting this new adventure is going to be and what a special church this is that God has led me to. Another thought I frequently have is of how honored I am to be called their pastor.

I don’t know how other pastors choose their first message at a new church, but mine seem’s pretty obvious. It appears that we’re going to spend a little time together remembering that time that Jesus conquered the grave! I cannot think of a better way to start than that. The Apostle Paul found the fact of the resurrection to be crucial to the faith. He even went so far as to say that without Christ’s resurrection, his preaching and our faith are both in vain. We are going to consider this Sunday morning his message of the resurrection found in I Corinthians chapter 15. I hope to see you there.