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The Search is On!

Antioch West is excited to announce that we are officially searching for a youth pastor!


We praise God for our youth.

We love having kids and teens at AWBC!  We believe it is important for families to worship God together, and we greatly value each and every child God brings to us.  The church is here to come alongside parents to aid them in their task of making disciples of their children.  We strive to offer events and programs that help teach kids and teens to know and love Jesus Christ.  We also give them opportunities to serve Christ in hopes that they will one day grow to be great servants and leaders in the church.  We believe that our children are a vital part of the church, both tomorrow and today!  God has blessed our love of youth as he has brought a great group of families to our church.

The time has come to expand our ministry capabilities.

God has grown our church to a point of need.  We have a number of children attending our volunteer-lead Wednesday night Bible Study group that meets in the fellowship hall.  We also have a small but growing number of teens meeting with Bro. Aaron in the parsonage.  In September of 2018, our youth committee made significant changes to our youth Wednesday night Bible study that allowed us to better teach our kids quality content in a way that is appropriate for each age level.  With these changes, we also enlisted more youth volunteers to help spread the weekly responsibility among more hearts and hands.  We believe our youth ministry has expanded as far as it can with the resources we have, and we are now at a point where our impact for the Gospel can be greatly expanded with God-given leadership and vision.  We are at the point of offering a bi-vocational position to the right man or couple with a pastor’s heart and a burden for young people.  We seek leadership to take us to the next level.

We Know that God has a perfect plan for our ministry.

This is a bi-vocational position, and we understand that time is limited when a minister must work more than one job.  We are not looking for a “Lone Ranger” who will run all these ministries alone (or with the help of one lonely side-kick)!  We are, instead, seeking someone to head up our youth ministry team.  Our continuing goal is that our youth become devoted followers of Jesus Christ.  With this vision in mind, we are seeking someone to lead our youth committee in organizing effective programs and special events for both kids and teens.  Our Youth Pastor will be responsible to recruit, train and shepherd our adult volunteer youth staff to minister effectively to the children God has entrusted us with.  We will also look to him to provide counseling and spiritual direction for our youth.

We’ll Call Him ‘Pastor’.

We have specifically decided to call this leader a Pastor, which essentially means ‘shepherd’.  When Peter responded to Jesus’ question, “Do you love me?”, our Savior also challenged him to “Feed My Sheep.”  Our goal is to find someone with a Pastor’s heart, who feels called by God to shepherd kids, teens, and the people who love them.  Therefore, our Youth Pastor must exhibit a personal and growing relationship with God, a teachable spirit, and a healthy family life.  He must love people, and have a passion for evangelism and outreach. He must be an engaging teacher, with a sound Biblical and theological background, who is in agreement with the BMA of America’s statement of faith.

We have a unique opportunity.

AWBC is blessed with a valuable asset and special circumstance that gives us this ability to hire a second staff person at this time.  Since Bro. Aaron and his family already had a home in Magnolia, they did not need to move into the church’s parsonage when he was hired last April.  This allows us to offer housing as a major part of our Youth Pastor’s pay package.  Our preference is that we can find a young, married couple who could see this as an opportunity to serve together in ministry.  We want to give our Youth Pastor (and wife) opportunity to grow in ministry.  Being a youth leader is not a “stepping-stone” to becoming a “real” pastor.  However, it can often be a season in a young minister’s life where he can learn from his Pastor how to overcome obstacles and thrive in service to the Lord.  God has given us a unique opportunity to serve our Youth Pastor while he serves our youth.

Getting The Word Out

We hope this article will help us connect with the Youth Pastor God is sending our way.  Please feel free to share it with someone who may be lead to serve in this position.  More details, including a job description, are available by contacting Bro. Aaron Middleton.  You can reach him at aaron@awbcmagnolia.com, or by calling 870-901-3421.  Résumés may be sent to Antioch West Baptist Church, C/O Aaron Middleton, 1857 Columbia 27 South, Magnolia AR 71753.